Yucatan and its ambitious real estate project: it will have the first skyscraper in the Mexican southeast


Due to its strategic location, connectivity (land, sea and air) and an enviable annual growth of over 3%, the entity presents an opportunity for economic growth for real estate development companies

Although the pandemic caused by the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) affected the Mexican economy, which already presented a poor growth of 0.1% in 2019, there is a region of the country that has managed to survive the wave of uncertainty: Yucatán.

And it is that the southeast state has managed to overcome a series of challenges positioning itself as one of the most attractive entities for investment, both national and foreign, thanks to its strategic location, connectivity (land, sea, and air), and an enviable annual growth above 3 percent.

In addition, Yucatán offers a better quality of life compared to large cities, due to its safety and low cost of living.

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Therefore, the SkyCapital company, dedicated to investment and real estate development, has seen in said State an enormous opportunity for growth in the industrial, commercial, and corporate sectors, despite the economic-health crisis.

SkyPark, a unique industrial park of its kind on the peninsula (Photo: SkyCapital)SkyPark, a unique industrial park of its kind on the peninsula (Photo: SkyCapital)

Among his projects, The Sky stands out, the first skyscraper in the Mexican southeast. An intelligent mixed-use building, 160 meters high, which integrates offices, clinics, commercial premises, and restaurants.

According to Roberto Serrano Plowells, director of Operations of the firm, this promise is planned to open in the second half of 2023 and will have as main benefits the design, infrastructure and functionality, as well as an excellent capital gain since it is located in the premium north zone from the city of Mérida.

Currently, the company has a wide range of developments in the region from a logistics and industrial park ( SkyPark ), corporate offices and business class hotel ( SkyWork ), mixed-use building ( SkyCity ), to apartment residences on the beach ( SkyLiving Playa Chaca ).

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They will have the largest shipyard in Latin America

The Italian company Fincantieri announced a few days ago an agreement with the Government of Yucatán to install the largest shipbuilding and maintenance center in Mexico and Latin America.

Puerto Progreso, Yucatán (Photo: Government of Mexico)Puerto Progreso, Yucatán (Photo: Government of Mexico)

The project will total an investment ranging from 300 to 500 million dollars, and includes the construction of two dry docks within a 40-hectare site in Puerto Progreso, which will house a useful complex to repair or build vessels up to 400 meters. of length or length, from 2024.

The state government tenders for the first part of the work will be launched next year, in order to begin dredging work from the second half of 2021, with the intention of raising the current capacity of Puerto Progreso to 15 meters of draft, which is around 9 meters, reported those involved.

This maintenance center will have cranes, workshops, offices and specialized equipment , reported the group that is listed on the Italian stock market and that reported revenues of 5,849 million euros in 2019, according to its public reports.

Once the shipyard reaches its full operational capacity, it will be able to receive around 700 full-time employees and a supply chain that will involve 2,500 workers in high demand seasons, reported Fincantieri.

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