Coahuila will recover 19,695 jobs


Saltillo, Coahuila (November 26, 2020).- Although during the months of September and October a positive performance was observed in the generation of jobs in the state with growth in formal jobs of 0.8%, there are still 19,695 formal positions to recover.

In the analysis prepared by the Center for Economic Studies of Commerce Servitur, headed by Jorge Dávila Flores, the decrease in this indicator in Coahuila is 2.5% compared to last February, according to information from the IMSS, for which he reiterated the urgency of generating support programs from the Federal Government, in order to promote the growth and sustainability of companies and thus encourage the generation of jobs.

For the municipalities of the state, something similar happened;in the case of Saltillo, jobs grew 1.0% in the same period, however, there are still 0.8% fewer jobs than in February.

For Ramos Arizpe, the growth for October was 0.7%, but the deficit compared to February is 6.1%, which represents 5,144 fewer jobs. These figures directly affect employment in the state capital, since most of the Ramos Arizpe workers reside in Saltillo.

For Torreón and Piedras Negras, monthly growth in October was 1.5 and 0.4% respectively. The municipality of Monclova shows no signs of recovery, since from February to October its formal jobs have decreased by 6.5%, and from September to October employment has continued to fall.

At the national level, for the month of October, it has a loss of almost 711 thousand jobs compared to February, which was the month with the highest number of jobs in the year, in addition, if we add a million jobs that should have been generated this year, to meet the growing demand for work by people entering the economically active age, the deficit amounts to 1.7 million formal jobs.

Jorge Dávila Flores,

Dávila Flores reiterated the importance of commercial, service and tourism activities for the occupation of jobs in the country, since these activities generated more than half of the formal jobs in the month of October, for this reason, he made a call to the Federal Government for the generation of projects that encourage formal employment.

Source: Zocalo

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