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What happened to “Marino Loko”, a military man who hunted and humiliated drug traffickers

Erick Morales Guevara, better known as “El Marino Loko” was characterized by capturing drug traffickers and humiliating them by dressing them as women; however, his whereabouts are a mystery today.

Mexico.- It was the second decade of the 2000s and the name of “Marino Loko” began to make noise on social networks, it was about a supposed military man of the Mexican Navy who gained fame for becoming the “hunter of drug traffickers” since he liked to humiliate them after capturing them and even dressing them as a woman and then forcing them to kiss each other. Today his whereabouts are a mystery, however, there are some theories that he continues to do his thing.

Apparently, Erick Morales Guevera, better known as “El Marino Loko”, “El Martillo” or “Mr. Thor”. This military man was one of the first viral characters on the network related to the world of drug trafficking, in various videos he could be seen breaking the rules of his work. In 2006, some Navy officials mentioned that Morales Guevara’s methods were unorthodox, despite the fact that his team had been in several arrests, along with seizures of weapons and drugs from drug cartels. 

It was through the American portal Breitbart, where the activities of “Marino Loko” in the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo León were constantly published, which bordered on the abuse of authority and power. Among his numerous acts of humiliation against criminals, two, in particular, stand out.

One of them was when he entered the home of Silvestre Haro Rodríguez, alias “El Chive”, the alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel in the city of Tampico. The military man took the ashes of the boss’s father and distorted one of the photographs, this provoked so much anger from the drug trafficker that he put a price on the head of “Mr. Thor”; it offered three million pesos.

What happened to “Marino Loko”, a military man who hunted and humiliated drug traffickers 

Another of the most notorious cases was when he raided one of the properties of “El Mimido”, a member of the same criminal group, whom he dressed in women’s clothing and forced him to kiss with his hitmen while making fun of them. 

 “Marino Loko”, a military man who hunted and humiliated drug traffickers 

Situations like these caused him problems with the Navy, and the death threats against him increased considerably, his name appearing on narco mantas in different areas of the state of Tamaulipas.

What became of “El Marino Loko”?

Today the whereabouts of Erick Morales is a mystery, however, there are several theories that could indicate what happened to “El Marino Loko”. In the US portal, it was mentioned that he was possibly fired from the Navy for having been involved in problems of corruption and illegal acts.

On the other hand, there are some witnesses who assure that Morales continues to do his thing and even formed his own anti-drug group to operate in hiding. One clue that could reinforce this theory is that in Michoacán, arrests of drug traffickers dressed in women’s underwear have been reported, something that characterized the military quite a bit. 

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