Police officers prevent blockade attempt at San Miguel Zapotitlán toll booth in Sinaloa


During the events there were attacks by both sides when they wanted to talk with the authorities

Sinaloa.- Among kicking, pushing, and shouting, elements of the Group of Rural Special Tactical Operations(GOTER) prevented protesters from indigenous communities take the tollbooth of San Miguel Zapotitlán.

Although at first it was said that it was a peaceful demonstration, after a few minutes the shoving began between the police and the leaders of the movement.

“Raise it to the v … remove it, remove it quickly to the …”

After a few minutes, the women who participated in the demonstration managed to open one of the lanes in which several vehicles passed without paying the fee, but minutes later the state elements closed the flow again, which triggered a second fight. Like Felipe Montaño, he held the GOTER agents responsible for any damage they may suffer.

“If there are going to be complaints, of course, against the police, because here the police are responsible, the state police are held responsible for what may happen to us, and we have remained calm and firm in what we want”

Marcos Osuna arrived as a representative of the state government, but the protesters received them with reproaches about promises that he broke in a past demonstration.

“No, because they have thrown us pure lies, the lawyer promised that four thousand food baskets would be given to us in San Marcos …

-You are missing the truth …

-I am not missing the truth and here we are going to stay ”.

-And if they want to stay they can stay. “

Finally, and after several outbreaks, the protesters promised not to seek the free movement of motorists, pending dialogue with the authorities corresponding to the complaints they maintain against COPACIS.

Protesters manage to take a lane of the San Miguel Toll Booth

After a push and pull, the representatives of indigenous groups achieved their objective of taking a lane of said facilities, as a way of putting pressure on the authorities.

People opened a lane that goes north so that the flow of vehicles could pass freely without paying a fee, where motorists honked their horns in gratitude.

When carrying out this action, there was again tension with the police elements who will try to prevent them from opening another lane and the thing gets out of control.

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