Mexico operated in favor of the Donald Trump campaign?


“False and absurd version” says SRE 

The Mexican government forcefully discarded the versions without verifying that they spoke of the supposed sending to Texas political operators to mobilize the Latino vote

The Mexican Foreign Ministry denied this Sunday an unconfirmed version that circulated in local media about the alleged assertion of an advisor to Joe Biden, president-elect of the United States, that the Mexican government would have sent territorial operators to the state of Texas to mobilize the Latino vote in favor of Donald Trump.

“This version is false and absurd,” said Daniel Millán Valencia, the general director of social communication of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations ( SRE ), on his Twitter account, citing an article published on the subject.

The publication affirms, without citing official sources or confirming the information, that Ben Rhodes, National Security advisor in the presidency of Barack Obama, would have said in private meetings that the Mexican Foreign MinisterMarcelo Ebrard, allegedly sent territorial operators to Texas to incline the balance.

The SRE described the version of the supposed aid to Trump as “false and absurd”

The presidential instruction and Secretary Ebrard, fully attended by the SRE, has been to keep the government of Mexico and its officials outside and respectful of the electoral political process in the United States,” said Millelan Valencia this Sunday. “This has happened and will continue to happen,” he concluded.

Ben Rhodes, for his part, has not commented on the matter. Joe Biden’s campaign and transition team have also not spoken.

The accusations came after the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, decided to postpone congratulating and recognizing Biden for his victory until all legal issues were resolved in the US elections.

This position has brought a rain of criticism to López Obrador, from the opposition and local internationalists to questions in the international press and, above all, the accusations of some US congressmen from the Democratic Party.

The harshest comment against the Mexican government’s position came from Congressman Vicente Gonzalez, from the 15th District of the state of Texas, who won his re-election last week. The member of the Latino caucus in the House of Representatives urged the Mexican president to accept the inevitable.

“ Not offering congratulations to President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect (Kamala) Harris. It is the correct decision, “said González in a press release this Thursday. López Obrador had used these adjectives to say that Mexico is neither wimp or lapdog and that there would be no retaliation for his decision to wait.

Mexico is one of the last countries to wait to congratulate Biden; 
even China has already sent a congratulatory message

But, in addition, Gonzalez stressed that “ the refusal of President López Obrador to recognize the results in this election and to extend his hand to the incoming administration until all legal matters have clearly concluded sends the signal that he supports the president (Donald Trump) ”.The statements of the Mexican president undermine bilateral relations and give credence to the unfounded attacks carried out by the Trump administration against the election, which international observers have deemed free and fair.

Finally, Gonzalez remarked that “the American voters have spoken.” “ Election officials in the states have found no evidence of major fraud. It is time for President López Obrador to accept that and start working with President-elect Biden, ”he concluded.

The Texan congressman is not the only one who made statements in the past two weeks. Last Wednesday, the congresswoman for District 29 of the same state, Sylvia Garcia, another of the women who obtained her re-election last week, also expressed her opinion on the issue.

AMLO has been harshly criticized both inside and outside the country for his stance on the US presidential elections

“Neighbors talk to their neighbors. It is time for AMLO to acknowledge that the American people have spoken and they elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Leaving politics aside, a  hug  (in Spanish in the original message) from our friends in Mexico is appropriate, “added Mexico’s ally in the Congress of that country.

With the statements of Garcia and Gonzalez, there are now five Latino congressmen who have criticized  López Obrador to different degrees in recent days, all of them close in one way or another to Mexico and to migration and trade issues between the two countries.

In addition to Gonzalez, one of the harshest accusations from across the border came from Veronica Escobar, a Democratic congresswoman who won her re-election last week to continue representing the 16th District of Texas, outside the city of El Paso. , a few minutes from Mexican lands.

Julian Castro and a group of Latino congressmen Democrats have criticized the Mexican government for not congratulating Biden on his victory

“AMLO  has been a co-conspirator in Trump’s efforts to undermine the human rights of vulnerable asylum seekers,” the House of Representatives member said on her social media, citing a message that Lopez Obrador would not congratulate to Biden yet.

For his part, the influential representative of the 20th District of Texas,  Julian Castro, launched himself against López Obrador for his response. “This represents a true diplomatic failure of the president of Mexico,” he said.

However, López Obrador ruled out that his position represents tacit support for Trump’s bottomless accusations. ”  Waiting does not mean that we are going to be endorsing that there was fraud, that we do not know, nor does it correspond to us, that has to be known by the competent authority or the judges in the United States,” said the Mexican last Monday.


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