AMLO visits flooding areas in his home state Tabasco


One day after celebrating his birthday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador returned to his native Tepetitán, municipality of Macuspana, Tabasco, to supervise the actions that have been carried out to support the victims of the severe floodings that affect that community and various parts of the entity.

Accompanied by General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), and Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy (Semar), the head of the Executive was greeted by inhabitants of the town who thanked him for the visit.

“Welcome to your town, President!” They yelled at him.

On one side of the Tulijá river, the president climbed onto a small fence where he addressed some 50 residents and assured them that the federal government that he heads supports them and that he will not forget them.

“Countrymen, countrywomen, I come to visit you because you are going through a difficult situation due to the flood. We are going to support you as always with food, and shelter. The Army is operating the DN-III Plan , I am accompanied by General Sandoval, and of course, the Governor of Tabasco Adán Augusto López.

” First is the protection of life because the material things can be replaced, you have to take care of your lives, then when the water goes down you have to disinfect the houses, you have to clean them well, and immediately afterward a support program for household goods will be applied, for furniture, for beds, what was lost will be replaced and then comes a program for housing expansion, for people with disabilities and for the countryside “

Among applause, López Obrador announced that the damaged roads will also be rebuilt too.

The president reiterated to his countrymen that they are not alone and that he was retiring from there “because those who do not see us with good eyes will say that I came to alter the order and that there is no good distance.”

Later, aboard a military vehicle, President López Obrador toured some streets of the town, where he greeted some of the residents who requested his support.

After this tour, he went to the capital Villahermosa, where he led a press conference.

Source: El Universal