Mazatlan authorities stringent covid protocol enforcements


Just this weekend there were supervisions of bars, restaurants and nightclubs

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. The Operations continue to be implemented in the city and that is why last Friday two businesses were closed and on Saturday 6 businesses were reprimanded by the authorities.

It was announced that most of the businesses that received this sanction are located in the Historic Center and others in the La Marina area.

“This weekend we reinforced and continued the Operational Networks of the new normal, and we were observing some breaches in certain permits such as exceeding the capacity, limit of people, decibels and also health security issues that have to do with Civil Protection. we are with a heavy hand as instructed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres ”reported the Director of the Tourist Care and Protection Center, Astrid Macías Fregoso.

Regarding the name of the businesses that were closed and sanctioned, it was not provided by the authorities, this to respect the privacy of the businesses

Civil Protection, Municipal Police, Traffic Police, Capture and Ecology are participating in this operation.


The Mazatlan Post