Grijalva river overflows in the state of Tabasco


A fight to contain the advance of the Grijalva river to the city of Villahermosa unfolded on the “Carlos A Madrazo” boardwalk. However, the runoff from the mountain rivers that ended in the Grijalva caused it to spill into an area of ​​the city, known as Gaviotas, where hundreds of families had to be evacuated.

Gaviotas Sur is a settlement made up of several sectors such as Armenia, Coquitos, Monal, Valle Verde, Cedral, and where the water level rose rapidly due to the overflow of the Grijalva River, which caused the inhabitants to abandon their homes in fear of getting caught by the tide of the overflown river.

Don Rosario López, a local resident, regretted that they had to suffer another flood once again.

“We thought that the river would descend and suddenly, THE WATER WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE,” he said.

Like him, hundreds of people, women, men and children left their homes, some by their own means and others supported by members of the Mexican Army and Navy.

In another part of the city, Army agents added more than 20 uninterrupted hours of work to build dams to collect the water that filters the tributary over the asphalt layer.

In the place, pumps were also placed with the objective of extracting the water from the small dams that are being formed with the sacks of sand.

The Army has focused on the weakest point on the Villahermosa boardwalk, which according to the governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López Hernández, is due to the construction of a linear park that was done irresponsibly in the previous administration.

“They made a platform to which they put Styrofoam, that is contrary to all construction rules,” he accused during an inspection he made of the containment works carried out on the city’s boardwalk.

Meanwhile, the authorities assured that the leaks are controlled so that the structure does not have any risk of collapse.

However, there are also other roads affected such as the peripheral Carlos Pellicer Cámara that suffered flooding at the height of the Guayabal neighborhood.

Given the emergency that still exists in Tabasco, classes were suspended and will be resumed until Tuesday, November 17, and the Superior Court of Justice also suspended activities.

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