14 years offering parachute “flights” in Mazatlan


Juan Carlos Moreno Silva has spent 14 years offering parachute “flights” in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Among the attractions that exist in Mazatlán are nautical tourism activities, which are in high demand by national and foreign visitors.

Juan Carlos Moreno Silva has been working on the beach for 14 years. He started in the rental of umbrellas and has already done some water sports, such as jet skis, sailboats, and parachutes, the latter is the one he likes and enjoys the most.

Juan Carlos Moreno Silva has been dedicated to water sports for more than a decade. 

In the parachutes you can have a panoramic view of the city from the heights, you can enjoy the most impressive view of Mazatlán while you “fly” through the port.

“We bring people of all kinds, young people, women, and some teenagers, we walk them and we serve them as they deserve, those who seek parachutes the most are national tourism, which comes from Guadalajara, Durango, and Torreón.”

In principle, it seems that “riding” a parachute requires strength, but it is not so difficult to stay in the air, because the person in charge places the parachute on you, which is dragged at full speed by the boat and raises it to a maximum height of 50 meters for 30 minutes that the journey lasts.

Since 10:00 in the morning, Juan Carlos is already on the beach in the Golden Zone to offer his services, especially in recent months, that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, vacationers arrive every weekend nationals of neighboring states of the port and foreigners are also beginning to arrive.

He holds the multi-colored parachute and once he convinces the customer, he does the maneuvers and a boat gets as close to shore as it can, gently pulls on the rope, and then stops.

The “parachutero” puts the harness on the client, life jacket, and radio, who attentively receives instructions. The boat moves slowly, the parachute opens, rises, and takes height.

“It is a lot of adrenaline, you must have the courage to walk, the parachute is very safe and it is what people like the most, followed by the banana, among the rides we offer on the beach.”

He comments that the owner of the operating permit complies with all the security protocols required by Civil Protection and Port Authority.

The 37-year-old says that he came to the beach in 2006, with his brother who worked there and since then he has stayed, he liked interacting with the visitors, talking, serving them the best he can so that they leave happy.

For these activities the good seasons are Easter and the summer vacation period, however, to be able to do them depends a lot on the weather, if there is air, you cannot fly, so as not to risk passersby.

“If there is bad weather, due to hurricanes or cold fronts, we cannot work, but here we are, we already know when a good day is going to be, all that is not taught by the years, by experience.”

For the young Mazatlan, the coronavirus pandemic affected very strongly all those who make up the tourist chain, since with the closure of the beaches, they were without work for more than three months, fortunately, the last four months have been good, but more September and October.

“I had to start working as a bricklayer when there was no more tourist, it was very difficult for everyone, right now this season there have been a lot of people when normally September is very low, people came and helped us a lot.”

He is confident that between now and the end of the year, the demand for water sports will continue well, and the arrival of the Americans benefits them a lot, since they like this type of activity a lot and leave them good profits.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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