Letter of intent signed for the twinning of Mazatlán and Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato


Authorities highlight the opportunity to promote trade, tourism, and culture in both municipalities

DOLORES HIDALGO, Guanajuato.- The mayors of Mazatlán and this municipality, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres and Miguel Ángel Rayas Ortiz, respectively, signed this Friday afternoon, the letter of commitment for the Life Twinning between both cities.

In the Solemn Session that was held in the Central Patio of the Museum of the Bicentennial of Independence, the Municipal President of Dolores Hidalgo recognized the impulse that the Government of Mazatlán is giving to the sister cities program. \

“We receive with great enthusiasm your letter of intent to twin our cities, and we congratulate you on the boost your Administration is giving to the sister cities program, as a government policy to trigger support, development, and competitiveness among municipal sovereignties” .

For his part, Chemist Benitez Torres thanked the host Mayor and his cabinet for embracing the interest in promoting the cities they lead.

“Today we celebrate this lifetime twinning, by the way, with the main objective of deepening economic, tourist, and cultural exchange; If we talk about culture, tradition, history, roots, Mazatlán and Dolores Hidalgo hit it off perfectly. Two beautiful cities that continue to grow with this great work that has occurred in both places ”, he said.

The President of Mazatlán assured that this will not be a letterhead agreement, but a true strategy to strengthen those ties of friendship and cooperation with opportunities to strengthen trade, tourism, and culture.

“We are leaving with our hands full, happy, with the task of continuing to promote this twinning and make it concrete, because the commitment is to keep working to ensure that this twinning is not a letterhead agreement; but it is really an exchange, as I said, tourist, cultural, artisan, business, and of all kinds ”.

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