‘The only option, whether we like it or not, is called Donald Trump,’ says Mexican actress


The actress reiterated her support for the current president of the United States and said that the “tantrums of the Mexicans” are useless.

Paty Navidad called for Americans to come out to vote on November 3 for Donald Trump, since he represents the best option not only for the United States but for America, Mexico, and the world.

Paty Navidad apoya reelección de Trump

With a cap in favor of the current president of the United States, the actress assured that after having been informed and despite the tantrums of the Mexicans, she has no doubt about the good option that Trump’s re-election represents, and how negative it is to support Biden.

Because I love Mexico, because I wish the best for my family, for me, for each one of you and for the almost 60 million compatriots who live there, I have investigated, I have informed myself, I have questioned, I have analyzed which Is the best option. There is a better option, one, there is no other, whether we like it or not, whether we agree or disagree, it is the only option that exists better for the world, Latin America, Mexico and obviously for the United States his name is Donald Trump. Like it or not, it is the best proposal for the moment we are living, ”she said.

Paty Navidad assured that she likes Trump’s proposal because he is in favor of freedom, he bets on values ​​such as family, and is in favor of humanity, however, she emphasized that he is not a savior, because each one is free to save themselves.

“I am not going to support pedophilia, pedophilia, or countless things of that kind (Biden), for me the best option is called Donald Trump. He brings a proposal with values, it comes in favor of the family, in favor of humanity, in favor of freedoms, rights, individual guarantees; Make no mistake, he is not the savior, the saviors of the world are ourselves, ”she said.

Paty Navidad, who has been talking about recently for her statements about the coronavirus, assured that despite the fact that some Mexicans ” are having a tantrum”, the best and the only option is Trump.

“The only best option whether we like it or not, we agree or not, cry, kick, throw a tantrum, as many Mexicans are doing, I’m sorry, but his name is Donald Trump.”

The Mexican ended with a call to vote in the elections, which she assured are the most important in the last 100 years.

“Let’s make America great again, America is the entire continent and the whole world regardless of whether the elections are in the United States. Go Republican patriots, vote Donald Trump! ”.

Source: expreso.press, eluniversal.com.mx

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