95% of Celestún Yucatan was flooded and has yet to receive any aid


The deputy Limbert Iván de Jesús Interian Gallegos demanded that the government of the state of Yucatán and the City Council care for the population of Celestún, which after the passage of Hurricane Delta suffered serious flooding.

Celestún is a Yucatecan town that is 95 km from the city of Mérida and is located next to the Ría Biosphere Reserve that runs parallel to the west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, along mangroves, so in every change of meteorological situation is affected.

The residents have denounced that they have not had any support from the state and municipal government to get out of the contingency in which they find themselves, neither in the face of the pandemic nor now due to the passage of Hurricane Delta.

Entre el agua viven las humildes familias del Sur Yucatán a causa de las  lluvias; aún no les llega la ayuda

“Those most affected have had no benefit since the beginning of the bad times, nor do they go fishing and the few food aid they give is for their acquaintances from the City Council and aspiring candidates distributing food baskets”

Frente frío ocho provoca inundaciones en Celestún, Yucatán

Interian Gallegos reported that 95% of the population of Celestún is flooded, with puddles or accumulations of mud, which leads the inhabitants to a lack of sanitation and infrastructure to carry out their work and be able to generate income.

Celestún is the second most important port in Yucatán due to the development of activities that generate economy and investment for the state, according to the inhabitants. For this reason, they demand from the state and municipal government an attention strategy in support of the populations that are involved in growth and consider that it is abandoned and there is a lack of formal medical services, “there are medical facilities but there are no doctors. The municipal government has not noticed “

Source: 24-horas.mx

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