At the initiative of 1st Lady Ivette Morán de Murat, today Oaxaca has the first Silk Worm Sanctuary in Mexico

  • Thanks to the construction of this space, Oaxacan artisans will no longer have to go to San Luis Potosí to buy the silkworm
Por iniciativa de Ivette Morán de Murat, hoy Oaxaca cuenta con el primer  Santuario del Gusano de Seda en México
  • “This space is aimed at being a museum of international stature, such as the National Silk Museum in China or the Valencia Silk Museum in Spain”, expressed the honorary president of the Oaxaca DIF System, Ivette Morán de Murat, promoter of this project

San Pedro Cajonos, Oax. October 21, 2020. Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa and the honorary president of the Oaxaca DIF System, Ivette Morán de Murat, inaugurated the Silkworm Sanctuary, which positions Oaxaca at the forefront and consolidates this town in the Sierra Norte as world capital in the manufacture of garments with this raw material.

Oaxaca cuenta con el primer  Santuario del Gusano de Seda en México

“This sanctuary is a tribute to the artisanal and artistic greatness that our state has,” said the State President when he performed the ribbon cutting and plate unveiling of this space, the second dedicated to the production of the silkworm in all of Mexico. but it has larger dimensions and better equipment.

Murat Hinojosa asserted that this Sanctuary, which required an investment of more than 19 million pesos, honors the memory, roots, and love for their land of many generations that have made sericulture the strength and engine that moves this community.

El nuevo Santuario del gusano de seda en San Pedro Cajonos

In this sense, he recognized the commitment of the honorary president of the Oaxaca DIF System, Ivette Morán de Murat, who was the most combative promoter and defender of this great project that was built in a sustainable way, without knocking down a single tree and that includes a laboratory and a training center to produce more and better garments, a museum and a boutique that will attract many visitors with whom to share the magic of their creations.

“This is the product of the love that she has for Oaxaca and the respect she has for artisans,” said the State President, while adding that this work, which today the Government of Oaxaca delivers to the people of San Pedro Cajonos, is the result of the work that from the beginning of his administration was undertaken to create a different way of seeing Oaxacan artisans, and where their work is valued.

Together with the municipal president of this town, César Crisanto Martínez, said that this space seeks to contribute to the skill and mastery of the 1,400 silk producers and artisans and that they also translate into material well-being and economic improvement for their families who depend on it. of this activity.

In this way, Murat Hinojosa reiterated his word committed to the artisans of the place and asserted that, like mezcal, feather coffee and recently alebrijes, the Government of Oaxaca, through the Ministry of Economy directed by Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián, will seek that Cajonos has the denomination of origin of the Silkworm with all the economic benefits that this entails.

This Sanctuary is a legacy of the administration of Alejandro Murat

At the time, the honorary president of the Oaxaca DIF System, Ivette Morán de Murat, expressed her approval for the delivery of this work, which – she said – reaffirms the commitment of the Government of Oaxaca with artisans, as never before patent.

“To see this place finished is to fulfill a dream; is to leave one more legacy of the administration headed by Governor Alejandro Murat in Oaxaca, “he said while noting that this project began two years ago when he met artisans from this town, who shared the process of making garments. of silk and the need to have space and resources to produce this raw material, since until then 90% of it was acquired in the silk bank of San Luis Potosí, increasing the cost of the garments and making them not very competitive.

“We made this project an ambitious work, that of a sanctuary, a museum, a dignified space for the production of silk, with an architecture and design at the level of artisans, which completes all processes, from production to marketing; aimed at being a museum of international statures, such as the National Silk Museum in China or the Valencia Silk Museum in Spain ”, he highlighted.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, the president of the Sierra Norte Silk Producers and Artisans Civil Association, Moisés Martínez Velasco, expressed his excitement at having from now on a technical, specialized and comprehensive space to develop the breeding of the worm of silk and the commercialization of textiles, which will mark a before and after for those who dedicate themselves to this activity.

Oaxaca cuenta con el primer Santuario del gusano de seda en México

“Today, after so many years of oblivion, this dream is coming true,” he added while expressing his appreciation and gratitude to the honorary president of the DIF, Ivette Morán de Murat, for her sense of belonging and dedication; as well as the determined leadership of Governor Alejandro Murat to make this Sanctuary a reality.

He asserted that through this space, which will have a laboratory with an area for eggs, an area for exudate of butterflies, young worm rearing and adult worm rearing, as well as areas for dyeing garments with natural dyes, “we will no longer suffer from the acquisition of the silkworms that we used to buy at the National Sericulture Center in San Luis Potosí, nor will we continue to be marginalized looking for a space to work, to display and sell our products, ”he concluded.


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