Who is Lady Covid, the woman who caused outrage on a plane in Mexico (video)


Karen Fernanda apologized for the events a few days later through her Twitter

"Lady Covid" tiene más de 23,000 seguidores en Instagram (Foto: Instagram@belleeviet)

The figure of Lady Covid emerged about two weeks ago when a video of a girl in an alleged state of drunkenness circulated on a Viva Aerobús plane with origin Cancun and destination Guadalajara in which she addressed passersby claiming that nobody cared about the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Now the girl who was wearing a green dress on that occasion has been identified, her name is Karen Fernanda, who according to Radio Fórmula is originally from Guadalajara and has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram.

His trips include the state of Baja California Sur (Photo: Instagram @ belleeviet)Her trips include the state of Baja California Sur (Photo: Instagram @ belleeviet)

On her social network, she boasts of his travels through the United States such as the tourist destinations of Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, San Francisco or Utah. She also shared photographs for Colombia, specifically Cartagena de Indias and Barranquilla.

In addition, some destinations in our country such as Cancun, Quintana Roo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and Mexico City; from his native Jalisco such as Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, Autlán de Navarro or San Juan Cosalá.

Karen Fernanda has attracted attention not only for the outrageous viral video but also because in the shared images her body shows off with bikinis, skirts, or fitted pants

Karen Fernanda became famous for the video in which she appears allegedly drunk (Photo: Instagram @ belleeviet)Karen Fernanda became famous for the video in which she appears allegedly drunk (Photo: Instagram @ belleeviet)

The famous clip circulated on the internet and quickly occupied high places within the virtual trends on August 3, it is observed that the traveler got up and in the middle of the corridor rebuked several people who asked her to calm down and make correct use of the mask. Taking off his mask, and recording with his cell phone, he addressed all the passengers on the aircraft and said that none of them cared about the pandemic.

Travelers shared the video of the incident, which went viral in a few hours and led users to initially nickname the protagonist as Lady Coronavirus Cancun. At the beginning of the images, which last almost 14 minutes, it is observed how the witnesses tried to make the woman behave in order to take off.

Although Lady Coronavirus obeyed and returned to her seat, the calm lasted only a few seconds. Then he stood up again and faced the travelers again.

“What do they want? COVID is worth the fuck to all of us. What do you want? What do you want? I wear a mask just like you, let them get you down from here with me. And why are they taking me down from here? I bring a mask. Let me get off the plane if they bring something written, ”he shouted.

The tension escalated, and with an aggressive attitude, she approached to face an older woman dressed in black who was rebuking her.

The video was inside a Viva Aerobús plane (Photo: Daniel Becerril / REUTERS)The video was inside a Viva Aerobús plane (Photo: Daniel Becerril / REUTERS)

“ You are being ridiculous. You’re making a fool of yourself. Mature girl, mature. Grow up now, please, you’re already grown-up ”, the woman in black forcefully reproached Lady Covid .

At that moment, airport security elements entered the plane. She refused to leave her seat and struggled with the officers. On the way to the exit, she gave the witnesses a dance and showed them her underwear. In response, everyone present booed, and with shouts of “Get her out now,” “You’re drunk,” “Get out,” and “Let it go well for you,” they demand that she be taken off the plane.

In the end, two female passengers had to help security personnel escort her and get her to disembark.

Days later, he showed his regret on his official Twitter account with regrets about the events and offered an apology to whoever was offended.

“ An error does not define what we are as people, but the lessons we obtain from them. I am sorry for the embarrassing events of the past week and I offer an apology to whoever may have given offense, ”she wrote in a tweet.

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