Puerto Vallarta protest roads closed to Mismaloya


The demonstration against the breakwaters in front of Los Arcos de Mismaloya grows, more neighbors and tourist service providers have arrived, adding approximately 150 people dissatisfied with this work.

So far, both lanes of the highway to Barra de Navidad are closed, right in front of this National Park, decreed in 1975 for the protection of flora and fauna.

Elements of Transit and Municipal Public Safety , have been attentive and helping in what they can, since the line of cars and trucks has already reached where the road begins in Puerto Vallarta , on Basilio Badillo street, meanwhile, by the south it already passes the town of Boca de Tomatlán.

A few moments ago the National Guard appeared , who have spoken with the protesters, asking them to open a single lane, however the protesters do not give in.

The protesters will not move until Federal Government personnel, either PROFEPA or  SEMARNAT , appear to explain why they authorized the construction of the breakwaters, where Villa Paraíso was demolished , and they also fear that they will build condominium towers .

They have only allowed 24 vehicles with patients to pass , completely closing off vehicular traffic in both directions. 

If you plan to travel south, avoid it at this time and take your precautions .

The National Guard is still waiting, they were told that authority will come to assist them, and Mayor Arturo Dávalos is on his way. 

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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