Mexican YouTuber on a quest to find Pablo Escobar’s plane in the Celestún Biosphere (VIDEO)


A YouTuber traveled to Celestún, Yucatan, on the northern coast of the Peninsula, to find the plane that supposedly belonged to Pablo Escobar, the powerful Colombian drug lord of the 1980s.

Did he even find something?

An abandoned plane was photographed at the beginning of 2019 by a company dedicated to the management of drones in the Yucatecan municipality of Celestún, and now a YouTuber goes in its search with the help of the locals who are looking for the aircraft.

According to media reports from 2019, the plane is located 17.5 km from the port of Celestún, Yucatán in an area of ​​difficult access and was practically abandoned in the middle of the Yucatecan low-forest and the humidity of this area makes it practically impossible to access the Celestún Biosphere Reserve, up to where the drones of the GL Drone company made the aerial shots last year.

The special thing about this plane is the fact that it belonged to the infamous Colombian drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar, but this is just a possibility, as nobody can assure that the plane belonged to Escobar, what was it carrying, and how exactly the plane got there, another fact that draws a lot of attention is that nobody ever claimed the aircraft.

The GL Drone company was interested in finding that plane because the inhabitants of the Yucatecan municipality of Celestun say that the event is related to drug traffickers.

The inhabitants of Celestún said they know nothing about the mysterious plane and they all agreed that it is an old rumor in the town, but that no one really knows anything about the plane, or do they?

Finally, the investigation turned out to reveal that the impressive photographs of an abandoned plane in the middle of nowhere in the municipality of Celestún in Yucatán that became viral are real, but the plane crashed there back in 1966, and it was not carrying drugs but another type of illegal merchandise known in Mexico back then with the name of “Fayuca”.

Fayuca is the name in Mexico given to items that enter the country without pay rights and duties; smuggled.

And obviously, the story that spread saying that it belonged to drug lord Pablo Escobar is totally false.

Source: La Verdad

The Yucatan Post