Disputes over stadiums, a recurring evil in Mexico


The home stadiums of different teams have been taken as loot, due to legal disputes for years

Mexican soccer is full of scandals historical and stadiums have not been exempt from these. What happened in the Leon house is not new, legal problems in different properties have existed and are more frequent than thought.

Panorama incierto para la reapertura de estadios en México

Perhaps the most famous is the one that occurred in the Sergio León Chávez de Irapuato in 2003. When the return match for the final of the then First A was going to take place, between Irapuato and León (what a coincidence), an armed commando — with a helicopter included—, took over the facilities, which caused the hooligans of they team to intervene, and this led to a confrontation. Within a few hours, the stadium was liberated

Disputas por los estadios, un mal recurrente en México

In 2012, the Tax Administration System was present at the Cuauhtémoc stadium to seize it. The employees took down the screens, took the computers and even the bus where the equipment was transported. All this due to the dispute between Ricardo Henaine and Francisco Bernat, who said, from their trench, the owners of the club.

Disputas por los estadios, un mal recurrente en México

In 2019, the Tamaulipas stadium where Jaiba Brava plays was partially closed by the authorities, who demanded payment of taxes. That same year, with Fidel Kuri already disaffiliated from the Mexican Soccer Federation and consequently also the Red Sharks Club of Veracruz, the Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board entered Luis de la Fuente to seize the debts that the businessman was dragging. What they were able to take were two vans that were parked.

In February of this year, the Banorte Stadium, where the Dorados de Sinaloa of the now-defunct Ascenso MX play, was seized for debts with the Tax Administration Service. The directive explained that this debt was from previous administrations

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