No date set for return of cruise ships to Mazatlan


Possibly they will restart operations on the Mexican Riviera until January 2021

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- There is still no date for the return of tourist cruises to Mazatlán, said the president of the Association of Tour Guide Drivers “Rafael Buelna”, Melesio Omar Quintero.

He commented that the cancellation of cruise ships in Mazatlán due to Covid-19 has generated severe economic effects for those who work as visitor guides in the port.

Derrocha Mazatlán algarabía turística por la llegada de cuatro cruceros en  un día - Noroeste

He explained that recently the Carnival Cruise Line shipping line announced that they would not resume operations for the remainder of the year, so the ships will return until January or March 2021.

He explained that 90% of the income they received depended on the cruise ships that arrived, which since last March were withdrawn due to the health emergency that affects the world.

There is no date to return to the Mexican Riviera until January, which further aggravates the situation for guide drivers, who have almost seven months without work, because we depend on cruise ships.

Melesio Omar Quintero

The cancellation of tourist boats in Mazatlán has generated severe economic consequences for those who work as visitor guides.

He declared that in these times of crisis and pandemic, the State government has not turned to see them or offered them any support to survive, since only the municipality has provided them with a pantry and the possibility of a loan of 6 thousand pesos through of the batches of the federal government.

“We urge the state government to turn to the tourist guides, because we did not have any support of any kind. We were left to our own devices. They have not given us anything, they were pure Red Fosin promises and they did not support us ”, he concluded.

Los cruceros, confían en Mazatlán como destino turístico - Puerto Mazatlán


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