Operation Conejo does not give up; They invite you to donate for the sick children of Chiapas


They benefit more than 100 children and help conserve the environment, they collaborate directly with Chiapas companies.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez.- The health contingency due to Covid-19 complicated the work of the citizen group Operation Conejo, however despite how difficult it has been to obtain resources to help children with various ailments in Chiapas, the members of this group continue to create actions for the benefit of minors and ecology.

One of the most important campaigns of this citizen group, which has been in existence for five years, is Operation Tapita, where they collect plastic caps and then sell them and thus obtain resources to benefit the families of children in Chiapas who suffer from cancer, heart disease, problems kidney, rare diseases, and other diseases.

In other years Operation Tapita carried out four annual collections, one each quarter, and in each campaign, they obtained around 10,000 tons, but this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic they only launched one, which will end in December.

“We regularly make four annual collections, but due to the contingency this year we suspend them, so for now we are inviting citizens to join the one we have active and which will conclude in December”, said Luz María Martínez Solís, President of Operation Conejo.

Currently Operation Conejo manages at least 19 collection sites in Chiapas, located in the municipalities of: Arriaga, Cintalapa, Jiquipilas, Ocozocoautla, Suchiapa, Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Teopisca, Yajalón, Villaflores, Villacorzo and Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

In the Chiapas capital, Operation Conejo manages three headquarters “to the east, west and in the central-north zone”, since the president of the group considered that it is important that citizens have “the ease of finding” in the city various collection centers

“Despite the pandemic, we have not stopped inviting society to collaborate in our permanent campaign, right now we are trying to make our collection centers open from Monday to Sunday so that more are supporting us, since March for here we have managed to collect 10,000 caps ”, he mentioned.

However, Doña Luz María assured that with those who contact through the Facebook page in order to join the cause, they can agree to deliveries in the city.

Unlike other years, Operation Tapita is prioritizing that citizens deliver in this collection only those tapas that are “generated at home”, either from “bottled soft drinks, water, milk, cleaning products, among others.”

“Due to the health contingency, right now we are asking that they be caps that are generated at home, before we did invite people to look for those on the street, those that were in the garbage, but now we also have to take care of ourselves. We know that it will be a lower collection figure than in other years, but with what we get we will support children with different diseases ”.

Doña Luz María recalled that annually Operation Tapita, benefits from 90 to 100 children, in addition to the project they also “help the environment” and collaborate directly with companies in Chiapas.

“During this year we have supported 31 children, but generally we help 90 to 100 with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, kidney problems, and rare diseases, but in addition to that there is an economic benefit for local companies and we protect the environment. because it is also urgent to support him ”.

In Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in mid-September, Operation Conejo installed a permanent container in the Caña Hueca Park, with which they seek that those who come to the place also have the option of contributing to the cause.

The headquarters of the collection centers is located at Circuito San Martín 111, Fraccionamiento San Martin, esq. Boulevard August 28. For more information, interested parties can contact 961 708 0057.

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