Festival de Calaveras 2020 canceled in Aguascalientes


After several weeks evaluating the possible cancellation of the 2020 Calaveras Festival in Aguascalientes, the state governor, Martín Orozco Sandoval, announced on Monday, October 5th, that the festival will be celebrated in a virtual format.

The governor pointed out through a video on social networks that this decision was designed to protect the health of the inhabitants of Aguascalientes, as well as the visitors who come to the region from other parts of Mexico and the world. As of Sunday, October 4th, the state accumulated 9,080 positive cases of COVID-19 and 683 deaths.

Orozco Sandoval stressed that the cancellation of this party was agreed with a group of experts from the health sector who, after analyzing the behavior of the virus, determined not to carry out this event to keep Aguascalientes with good management of the health contingency. 

During the next few days, the Ministry of Tourism will announce the program of events to be held in a virtual format in commemoration of the Festival de las Calaveras, which will include a series of cultural activities.

Martín Orozco called for an understanding of the tourism sector and pointed out that in conjunction with the State Government, innovative alternatives will be sought to benefit the people as much as possible. 

At this point, he recalled that the tourism sector is one of the most creative, so it will be able to propose new products and services to attract tourists, since Aguascalientes has a lot to offer families, without their health being in danger.

Source: liderempresarial.com

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