Effects of the storm ”Gamma” cause mobilization in Campeche


CAMPECHE.- A busy weekend for the different emergency forces was experienced in the city of Campeche, due to the damage caused by the tropical storm “Gamma”.

Intense and moderate rains were recorded all weekend, with winds of up to 90 km per hour.

Various fallen trees, as well as traffic lights and tarps, have been the reports that have received the most firefighters, in coordination with municipal and state civil protection.

The rains will follow

One of the trees that fell, moved to the sheds of the Bicentenario Park, located on Resurgimientos avenue, and covered a table and chairs.

The authorities urged citizens to stay in their homes and avoid going out if they do not have the need since the rains and strong wind will continue.

Although Gamma has re-strengthened Sunday, increasing southerly wind shear is expected to impact the tropical storm overnight. As it drifts into a more unfavorable environment, it is likely to gradually weaken late Sunday and Monday. Those upper-level winds are forecast to remain through the week, holding the anticipated strength of Gamma steady as it slowly crawls the coast of the Yucatan.

High pressure over the Southwest Gulf and East Mexico is the reason for very little movement through mid-week. By Wednesday, Gamma is expected to succumb to hostile upper-level wind, weaken to a tropical depression, before fizzling to a remnant low by Thursday or Friday. The saga of Gamma will not end there — the leftover moisture will feed into Delta moving north toward the Gulf Coast.

Sources: yucatan.com.mx, KBTX

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