Puerto Vallarta offers outdoor activities, such as bird watching


In Puerto Vallarta, there are at least  350 endemic bird species that fill the treetops and the air of Banderas Bay with color. Some birds that remain in the region all year round, others are migrants and have made their nest during the winter. Birdwatching is a widely practiced activity in North America, attracting a high purchasing power tourism segment, and requires fewer logistics than others, such as humpback whale watching -during the winter period-, as expert Eduardo Lugo comments.

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As it is an outdoor activity that involves close contact with nature, it can be combined with trekking or walking in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, which are the green belt that frames the Bay of Banderas. To observe birds in their natural habitat, it is recommended to travel the upper part of the Cuale River, near communities such as Paso Ancho or El Jorullo, or the areas of Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlán, south of the port, which implies an exciting walk through Jungle. Older people can make tours of flat terrain, on the banks of the rivers of the region, Pitillal, Cuale, and Ameca, where it is also possible to appreciate very colorful species. Some of the most emblematic species of Puerto Vallarta and the region are the blue-footed booby bird, the green macaw, the trogon, the bunting, and the parakeet.

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