Mazatlan’s colored houses of Ángel Flores neighbors suffer from loud music and excess trash


Also, the ‘accelerations’ of motorcycles and the containers of beer and food has frustrated the neighbors

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Those who live in the popular “Houses of Colors” on Ángel Flores Street in the Historic Center are aware that these houses and this walkway are a tourist attraction in Mazatlán, but they feel dissatisfied with the lack of respect from some tourists and locals who pass in vehicles with the music “to all that gives” and for those who go and leave their garbage.

Like canteens!  Colored Houses of Ángel Flores;  neighbors suffer from loud music and excess trash

“I understand that tourism is and that they come to know but, I mean, respecting … I know that people come to have fun, they come to know Mazatlán, which is very good, but they should focus on what noise is here in the center and boardwalk “, commented Carlos.

Carlos mentions that the noise starts between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and ends until around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, not only on weekends. Sometimes, the high volume of vehicles such as aurigas, pulmonias, razers, and others, wakes them up or does not let them sleep.

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For this reason, he asked the authorities to regulate and control the volumes of the music of the units, mainly of public transport.

21 09 20 Arrancones in the Center

The noise becomes more annoying when the vehicles stop on this road and they do not reduce the power of their speakers, since sometimes they last up to 10 minutes still. Or also when there are bikers who make their steel horses “roar”.

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“It was my brother’s turn at dawn that motorcycles arrived, they stopped there with their outrageous acceleration of the motorcycle, and during the week. My brother had to go down and tell them ‘hey, please let me sleep, I’ll work tomorrow’ … They kindly took the roll and left but there are people who do not like to be told anything and become aggressive, they lack more common sense, think about others, “he added.

21 09 20 Arrancones in the Center

For her part, Ana, who agreed with the noise problem, added that the garbage left by visitors is another problem.

“We have had to see groups of boys who come with the whales and then leave and leave the piglet: chips, Maruchan …”, he quoted.

“They leave cans of beer, they leave food thrown away, they go to the bathroom, they leave us whales, cans of beer, straws, cork glasses. It is a suckling pig,” added Carlos, who explained that the place usually looks clean because they usually clean.

21 09 20 Arrancones in the Center

On the other hand, Thomas, an adult man with a foreign accent and a neighbor of these houses, recognizes the problem of noise but mentions that he has already gotten used to it and, in part, understands that this will continue to happen since it is a tourist site. However, he did ask for more respect from the visitors.

“It’s a bit rude to come in at 3:00am at night and spend 5-10 minutes with loud music and taking photos, it’s like a party,” he said.


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