Yucatan continues to attract investments


Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, inaugurated this day the Progreso Plant of Cementos Fortaleza, of the Elementia firm, which for its construction and operation creates 450 jobs

Despite the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the world economy, Yucatán remains firm as a state that continues to attract investment to generate jobs and, as a proof of this, the Governor of that state, Mauricio Vila Dosal, inaugurated the Progreso Plant this day of Cementos Fortaleza, of the Elementia firm, which for its construction and operation creates 450 jobs, both direct and indirect.

Accompanied by the CEO of Elementia, Jaime Rocha Font, Vila Dosal led the opening of the new cement production plant that, with an investment of 25 million dollars (more than 500 million pesos), is an example of the consolidation of private generating investments of jobs and that contribute to the economic reactivation of Yucatan. 

In this regard, Rocha Font affirmed that the company he represents wants to be part of the progress of Yucatán because it is a state that has grown and prospered in a prominent way in the country thanks to its security and that it is a place where the state of right and things are done professionally, ethically and efficiently.

“Yucatán has everything, good and hardworking people, progressive businessmen and collaborators and an excellent government that supports development in favor of its people,” he said.

In his message, the Yucatecan Governor pointed out that acts like this are results that translate into good news for the process of economic reactivation that is taking place in Yucatan and that fill all Yucatecans with confidence that we are on the right track.

“The inauguration of this plant goes hand in hand with our vision of generating balanced economic growth, that is, that there are job opportunities not only in Mérida but throughout the state,” said Vila Dosal.

In this sense, the Yucatecan Governor recalled that other examples of this important dynamic, a few weeks ago the second Wood Genix plant was inaugurated, a world-class company that invested 1.36 billion pesos; And last week the construction of the Sustainable Yucatan Stadium was announced, in which private capital will invest around 2,200 million pesos and it is estimated that more than 4,000 jobs will be generated during its construction and more than 1,000 for its operation. Similarly, a little over a month ago a wind farm was inaugurated where 155 million dollars were invested.

This new plant has a production capacity of up to 250 thousand tons of cement per year, but with an operation that will have a minimal environmental impact thanks to the use of high-tech equipment without water consumption and low energy consumption, which brings with it great economic and social benefits to boost economic activity in Yucatán and the port of Progreso.

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