Wine tasting attracts crowd and healthy distance is not respected in Aguascalientes


A wine tasting in Aguascalientes attracts a crowd, people interact without a healthy distance or face masks

Images of a wine tasting in which a crowd danced and coexisted without keeping a healthy distance and without face masks went viral on social networks,

The moment in which the Aguascalientes Wine Route ended, was captured in video and photographs showing people dancing without face masks a not keeping a healthy distance.

The crowd who attended this wine tasting event, sid not follow the indications of the country’s health authorities.

It was last Sunday, September 6, that the celebration was held at the Hacienda De Letras Vineyards, in which the attendees did not keep a healthy distance or wear face masks.

Internet users exhibited through social networks this celebration in which the coexisting, dancing, and drinking took place without observing the health protocols.

Octavio Jiménez Macías, director of Sanitary Regulation of the Institute of Aguascalientes, mentioned that an economic sanction will be applied to Viñedos Hacienda De Letras, for not complying with the sanitary provisions.

The protocol for events establishes that dance floors cannot be installed, as it is impossible to keep a healthy distance when carrying out this activity.

“The responsibility for the failure to comply with the sanitary measures will fall directly on the security guards”, said Jiménez Macías.

A formal complaint was filed and the company responsible will be sanctioned with an economic fine.

Source: Reporte Indigo

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