During the month of August, Vivaerobús made the longest flight in its almost 15-year history, carrying out a repatriation transfer of passengers from a cruise ship humanitarian docked at the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal, and whose crew had been in the port for more than 70 days. high seas without being able to return to their homes after the outbreak of the pandemic.

It was a trip between the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and that of Sao Paulo, an important city in Brazil, with a stopover in San José, Costa Rica. This transfer had the objective of repatriating more than 120 crew members from the Amazon country, but also Argentines, Chileans, Peruvians, and generally South Americans.

The flight lasted 10 hours and had a length of 5,000 kilometers, is the longest international trip ever made by Viva Aerobús, which usually connects national destinations with each other and also with some cities in the United States, but does not fly to South America.

“Upon arriving in Brazil, all the passengers applauded. They looked very happy to return home after 70 days waiting at sea. The passengers were personnel from a cruise ship that was admitted to Puerto Vallarta, coming from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile ”, commented Javier Cervantes, flight attendant.


The Guadalajara Post