Ejido members of the Mazatlan-Tepic highway movement deny having armed men


“There are no armed people there, there are no weapons there, we have nothing there,” said an affected landowner.

Ejido members of the Mazatlán-Tepic highway movement deny having armed men

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- During a press conference on the occasion of the call to the authorities on the solution of pending payments in ejidos and plots in southern Sinaloa, they denied the questioning of suspicions of armed men in the Rosario booth, which has been in the hands of the protesters for 7 months.

Lidio Avena Benítez, from the Ejido de la Loma de Escuinapa, in the company of Saúl Lizarraga, the main lawyer who takes the legal part of the problem, in addition to landowners and ejidatarios representatives, assured that in the camp arranged on the Rosario booth, there is no armed men who demand mandatory quotas, which are presumed to be around 100 pesos.

“There is no fixed quota, it is voluntary … There are no armed people there, there are no weapons there, we have nothing there … They are asked for 50 pesos because if you don’t tell them that they will give us two and three pesos … Also, all the people who are there in the hut are given food, there they constructed temporary housing so that all the people could sleep right now in rainy weather, there are many expenses there in the hut, “explained Avena Benítez.

For his part, Saúl Lizarraga rectified and clarified that, as a lawyer, he frequents the booth to ensure that everything is in order, so it is possible to verify that no one has firearms, however, he mentioned that if so in other booths, theirs is independent of any other movement.

In addition, on the quotas that the protesters request from motorists, they are intended to maintain the salary of those who spend the night in the camp, as well as the purchase of food and medicine for those who become ill.

“There is not a weapon in that camp, there should be no weapon, it is serious because around there it is said that there is a federal order to vacate the booths, there are people outside the movements and I do not know, I will not speak or good or bad of the other booths because it does not correspond to us because we do not know what it is about, “he mentioned.

“If, in fact, their quota is charged, we try to fix what we spend on the day. How much? As soon as it arrives, it begins to be distributed because this is not a company, we try to cover the expenses, we have a salary for the people who They are there for 400 pesos, 800 pesos a day, 500 pesos are paid to the cooks, there is a head doctor, there are about 60, 70 thousand pesos that are paid in salaries, I am talking about salary because it is the help I have for the people or people who are there do not want to take the money home because it is very dangerous, “said the lawyer.

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