The Great Toh Guayaberas: a classy tradition from the Yucatan


The global lockdown was a situation that limited certain economic sectors and harmed economies around the world. Many small and medium-sized companies had to close their point of sales locations, there was a decrease in production and labor.

Many businesses made the decision to temporarily modify their services due to health prevention and authority’s regulations.

Two young entrepreneurs from the Yucatan Peninsula found a solution to the problem faced by handicraft businesses that sold their products in public stores around the country.

They decided to promote the famous Guayabera with a long tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula, a garment that was created in Cuba and later taken to Spain, eventually becoming more popular in Mérida, Yucatán.

The idea began with the question: How can we help the craftsmen sell more Guayaberas?

They took up the idea of ​​opening an online store with different styles of handcrafted Guayaberas that are truly unique pieces since each artisan has their own embroidery technique.

They decided to name their online store “The Greattoh” in recognition of the “Great Toh“, a bird that is directly linked with the Maya culture and the Yucatecan traditions.

Toh bird (Archive)

The Greattoh is a concept that promotes the sales of artisanal works manufactured by the talented craftsmen of the Yucatan region, the colors and patterns embroidered on these beautiful garments symbolize abundance, prosperity, and tradition.

The Greattoh became an online store registered on a platform that allows the artisans to sell their products all over the world, in order to contribute and publicize the value of quality Guayaberas that feature handmade embroidery.

These two young entrepreneurs made the decision to collect $ 1,000,000.00 pesos in sales for the artisans of the Yucatan Peninsula. Each garment that is sent to the client contributes to promoting and recognizing the Yucatecan artisan’s talent and skill.

The vision of the Greattoh brand is to deal with large shipments for social gatherings, weddings, conventions, and other important events.

Right now, the Greattoh offers a discount for all their customers, and the objective is to promote harmony among all people.

Want $ 5 USD off your purchase? Enter the word “HARMONY” while placing your order.

You can easily order as many Guayaberas as you want today and they will be delivered at your doorstep in the US, Canada, Europe or anywhere else in the world!

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