A thousand more businesses in Mazatlan may still close


There may still be about a thousand businesses closed in the south of the state, affiliated and not affiliated with the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), announced its president Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola.

He said that he personally has made tours of the squares and the center of the city and has seen businesses closed, so he considered that it could be that they bring economic problems or problems with rents.

He explained that the sectors that are struggling to open their doors are nightclubs, gyms, event halls, so the protocols have already been reviewed and he does not know why they continue to be closed.

“We have seen people who have rooms for parties, and they were practically waiting for them to tell them to open, so we told them to come closer, bring their protocols for the authority to review, some have already implemented them, I don’t know what the authority is waiting for. and to give the green light to everyone, but I think it is time that everyone had the opportunity to open, ”said the president of the local Canaco.

Sandoval Gaxiola stressed that as Canaco they are in favor of the general reactivation, that everyone can open with their protocols and comply, and whoever does not comply, be closed.

He added that this is Canaco’s position, that everyone can open and everyone has the opportunity because behind those businesses there are many lost jobs and that people are already working.

Source: radioformulamazatlan.com

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