Another tourist kidnapped by armed commando in Puerto Vallarta


The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Puerto Vallarta is conducting investigations into the illegal deprivation of liberty of a man who is originally from León Guanajuato, who was on a walk with his family in this city.

Regarding the facts, it was announced that the man who was identified with the name of Jonathan Ricardo “N”, 30, was with his wife and two minor children, on vacation in this city, who had arrived last Friday from León Guanajuato.

It was said that this Sunday, they were already heading back to their city, when they were intercepted by subjects aboard vehicles who were armed and took Jonathan away, leaving his two children and his wife at the scene.

It was around 11 a.m. this Sunday when 911 personnel received some reports stating that, in a hotel in the Las Glorias area, armed subjects had arrived and went inside the hotel where they attacked some people, and several were taken away in white vehicles.

The Municipal Police officers went to the place location upon arrival at the hotel, where they interviewed security agents who pointed out that the event had not occurred there, but outside the hotel.

After that, the agents went to Clemente Orozco and Alfaro Siqueiros streets where they met with the wife, who was hysterical crying with a 12-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. 

The agents reassured her and she pointed out that they took her husband Jonathan Ricardo, subjects who were traveling in several vehicles, she said that since last Friday they arrived from León Guanajuato to spend a weekend vacation.

He said that this Sunday they were returning to their city when upon leaving the hotel, meters before reaching Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, a white vehicle blocked their way in front and another behind, from inside the cars, subjects armed with long and short weapons, to immediately go to her husband, who was beaten downinjuring him, and after taking him into a vehicle, a subject took the truck in which they were traveling.

The agents of the Municipal Police took all the protocols required in this case, even elements of the Pink Patrol units arrived at the scene, who were at all times with the family of the disappeared person, they also transferred her to the agency specialized in missing persons to render their statement.

Investigative Police personnel and the Public Ministry agent arrived at the site where they learned about and requested the presence of SEMEFO personnel; since in the place, there were traces of blood in addition to a mask, clothes, and shoes with blood from the alleged kidnapped.

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the facts and will try to find out if Jonathan Ricardo had a criminal record, they will also investigate if they call the relatives to ask for money in exchange for releasing the victim


San Miguel Post