Baja California Sur initiative to make the use of face mask mandatory


August 16, 2020

The Secretary General of the Government, Álvaro de la Peña, considered it feasible for the State Congress to authorize the mandatory use of face masks throughout the state and in the same way the Health Safety Council is reviewing this approach , because they have to be taken the necessary preventive measures.

Regarding the internal conflict in the State Congress, he said that work should be privileged for the benefit of South Californians , such as this measure of declaring the use of a mask mandatory.

We hope that all initiatives for the benefit of society prosper and that legislators together with the powers of the state, judicial, state can walk in total harmony, we have been saying since the congress situation began, respectful of the other powers, we wish that for the good of all citizens and start to do their work in peace for the benefit of the state.

The use of the mask must be permanent in this new normal , it is proven that it reduces the risk of contagion of Covid-19, it is necessary to encourage its use in young people and other health provisions such as healthy distance and not trust because the growth continues number of infections and it is in our hands to prevent it and hopefully and the legislature achieves an agreement on this initiative of the mask.

“There is total will knowing that there is a legal situation that is being addressed, it is no secret controversy, regardless of that we bet not to wait for such a determination, take the party in peace, work hand in hand, it is time to leave the On the side of differences and we have to be united, these are not moments of even thinking about other issues that are not for the benefit of Baja California Sur ”.

It should be mentioned that in the new session of the State Congress, one of the important initiatives that it will present is precisely to declare the use of face masks mandatory throughout the southern Californian territory.


The Mazatlan Post