This Sunday they will close car access to the Altata boardwalk


This Saturday only access to Altata restaurants will be allowed.

Malecón de Altata - Sinaloa 360

Sinaloa.- Malecón de Altata, located in the municipality of Navolato, will remain closed this Sunday to the circulation of cars and today Saturday only measures that have been taken in recent weekends will be allowed access to restaurants, assured Marco Antonio Juárez.

The director of municipal civil protection in Navolato said that they will continue with the operations to avoid crowds and more infections. ” The recommendations is that we continue to take care of ourselves, the healthy distance, and the use of the mask and therefore avoid exposing ourselves .”

He assured that the beaches are still closed, which is why he called on citizens not to go to them because, in addition to the pandemic situation, there is a high swell that can put them in greater danger since there are no rescuers in the area. zone.

He assured that no arrests have been made, for this reason, people must raise awareness and respect the indications of the authorities to avoid health problems and administrative offenses.


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