Cartel Infiltrate Puerto Vallarta Police


Police corporations that maintain operations in Puerto Vallarta have been accused of collusion with criminal groups as a result of the kidnapping of a group of Guanajuato tourists

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The fact that a commando on board several vehicles can take more than 14 people by force in the tourist area of ​​Puerto Vallarta is an example of the collusion of Vallarta authorities.

This assured sources from that coastal Municipality , who exposed that the infiltration of the Prosecutor’s Office and the local police is such that it stops any attempt to compose security in the port.

In the Municipality there is a delegation from the State Prosecutor’s Office, which investigates crimes in that and other areas of the North Coast Region and which, in theory, should coordinate with other authorities from the three levels of Government.

In the past, such coordination offered results, but gradually the effectiveness of the authorities in Vallarta was diminishing, due to the corruption of security institutions , the sources consulted stated.

The direction of that Region of the Prosecutor’s Office has been in charge of Jesús Torres since the end of 2018, and before him was Francisco de Jesús Sandoval, who was subjected to process for falsification of documents in 2019.

The Commissioner, since March 2018, is Misael López Muro, and before him was Jorge Hernández Valencia, who resigned for personal reasons, then justified the City Council.

Police report that the morning of Sunday, July 19, issued Civil Protection and Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta, through the direction of Public Security and Municipal Transit, regarding the attack that a businessman from Guanajuato suffered on June 18, a fact in which carried out the deprivation of liberty of a large group of tourists . (Capture)


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