Armed men threaten Police Chief García Harfuch again


A group of hooded men accuse the CDMX security chief of protecting groups from drug trafficking and warn him that they are still looking for him, since his problem with the official is “personal.”

A video published on social networks spreads a new threat against the secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, and accuses him of benefiting criminal groups.

Running for 3 minutes 22 seconds, the video shows eight hooded individuals, dressed in black, carrying long weapons and tactical equipment. In the center, a man sitting behind a table affirms that it is a “message addressed to the people of Mexico,” so that they can “know more” about the capital official.

In the video, he is accused of the fact that, after the attack that he suffered on June 26 in Mexico City, “he has dedicated himself to uploading videos causing the loss of prestige of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Mexico, the lawyer Alfonso Durazo Montaño , in order to be able to keep his post ”.

“Do you want that position to continue supporting the Z-40, just as you have been supporting him all this time so he is not extradited to the United States?” Asks the hooded man, referring to Miguel Treviño Morales, former leader of the Los Cartel. Zetas, arrested in 2013.

The interlocutor also accused García Harfuch of supporting La Familia Michoacana, “on their orders, and for the information they provided, you killed whoever they ordered, using your Navy group, who after being public servants, they are thugs, and with them you killed relatives, acquaintances, and people from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel. ”

“Another of the situation that is hurting you is that the government is taking fighting gasoline theft, since you receive your part from there,” says the armed man.

Halfway through the video, the interlocutor asks García Harfuch to stop denying that he knows Genaro García Luna, “since he helped you in everything to get to where you are. Don’t bite the hand of the one who helped you to be what you are today, if not ask reporter Anabel Hernández, who has letters in your handwriting. ”

“Another thing you fear is because of the Ayotzinapa case in which you are involved, and when the time comes, not even the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, will be able to save you,” says the hooded man.

During the last part of the video, the armed group makes a direct threat to the head of the capital’s police, and claim that they are still after him.

“This is personal with you, not with the government, and you already know who you are fighting with. Just so you know, we are still looking for you right now and we will keep looking for you”.

Before finalizing, they send an appeal to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, so that “he does not leave the case adrift”.

“Far from being a public servant, he is a corrupt person who, with the help of his political position, helps himself to carry out his illegal activities because, as we all know, Omar García Harfuch’s true position is that of a drug trafficker with a badge ”, the man on the video concludes.

Source: Aristegui

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