Mazatlan hotels in crisis: They cannot cover their expenses


The recovery of this sector could occur until 2022, first jobs will have to be recovered and then profits will come

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the tourist reactivation, the Puerto de Mazatlan Captaincy has applied three warrants for non-compliance with the navigation regulations and prevention protocols against the coronavirus.

The Captain of Height José Enrique Mora Reyes stated that the warnings were for three boats, two with a parachute tow and one with a banana, which did not respect the capacity for the operation.

Yes, there have been three calls for recreational boats and in case of recidivism the sanction goes, which may be the suspension of activities or economic fine,” he said.

Mora Reyes stated that since the tourist reopening, the nautical tourism boats began to operate with limited capacity and that when there is more demand they are on weekends.

He indicated that the inspection is carried out based on what is published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, especially that the recreational tourist maritime fleet operates at 40% of its capacity.

He also expressed that it is verified when starting operations to the sportfishing fleet, sailboats, small boats in tourist entertainment, as well as those of dragging of bananas and parachutes, in addition to the jet skis.

The Captain of the Port expressed that although they have fewer personnel due to the pandemic, the routes on the piers are maintained to verify that safety and health measures are complied with.


The expectation of the hoteliers in Mazatlan is that the sector will reactivate by 2022 and once this recovery happens, the first thing that will be obtained will be the recovery of the sources of employment, then their growth, and finally, the generation of profits or profits for the company.


The Mazatlan Post