Formula 1 race promoters in Mexico may sue over canceled Grand Prix


Formula race promoters in Brazil and Mexico are considering suing Liberty Media over their canceled 2020 races.

Tamas Rohonyi, promoter for the race at Interlagos near Sao Paulo, Brazil, told O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper that F1’s owner canceled for unjust reasons.

“The contract can only be cancelled for reasons of force majeure,” he said. “That is something that is out of the control of the parties involved, like a plane falling on the cars or that we are all a meter under water.”

F1, however, said it canceled all races on the American continents, including the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin and the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rohonyi told the newspaper that promoters in Mexico could join Brazil in seeking legal redress in British courts. But Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport believes the conflict between Liberty and Rohonyi could be because Rio de Janeiro is shaping up to take over the hosting rights.

As for the 2020 cancellation, Rohonyi says Formula 1’s decision will cost the Interlagos race organizers millions.

“It is a major economic loss,” Rohoni said. “We hadn’t started selling tickets yet, but there are commitments with sponsors, suppliers and employees.”

He also slammed five teams for writing a letter expressing their fears about traveling from Europe to Brazil amid the pandemic.

Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes navigates a bend at the Nurburgring in 2013, the last time a Grand Prix was held there but the historic German circuit will be pressed into action this season (AFP Photo/Tom GANDOLFINI)

“Ridiculous,” said Rohonyi. “Whoever wrote that letter to us does not know the rules of the championship. “The contract does not say that there will be a race only if the teams want it. Whoever does not want to come should not come. It is not mandatory.”

Source: Autoweek

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