Dos Bocas Refinery and Maya Train do not have environmental impact studies


The business body highlighted that almost two years after the new government took office, Semarnat is not fulfilling its functions.

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) stated that although the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources ( Semarnat ) is innovating in a sector program, the federal agency is not fulfilling its functions , so the effects on the environment atmosphere are serious.

In his weekly message, the organization’s president, Gustavo de Hoyos, pointed out that projects such as the Dos Bocas refinery and the Tren Maya do not have the necessary environmental impact studies, which Semarnat has not carried out to evaluate infrastructure works.

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“Beyond structural innovations, the federal government must show with concern its concern for the environment. Almost two years after they assumed their functions, they have not taken actions in favor of the environment, ”said the leader of the business body.

De Hoyos indicated that the present administration claims to be an environmental defender, “but in fact, we observe a drastic cut of 30 percent to the budget of Semarnat, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and the National Water Commission”.

Maya Train Impact

He explained that the Maya Train will have a direct impact on 10 protected natural areas, as well as on the Sian Ka´an, Petenes, and Calakmul biosphere reserves, he also said that 1,288 archaeological sites require an environmental impact assessment that is not being done.

He stressed that the national advisory committee for the standardization of the environment and natural resources, in charge of preparing the Mexican Official Standards and other specialized bodies of Semarnat, has not held a meeting to define whether there will be changes in the standards.

“ Coparmex makes a new call to the dependencies dedicated to the environment to fulfill their functions. It is urgent to guarantee natural resources for the following generations. Protecting and caring for the environment is the responsibility of the current government, through clear and forceful actions, “she concluded.


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