Tijuana Baja California with the highest cases of coronavirus


Secretary of Health calls on residents of Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali to decrease their mobility

Baja California starts the week with 13,051 Covid-19 infections, remaining in the red color of the epidemiological traffic light, Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico reported during the update of these cases.

Of this number of cases, most belong to Mexicali with 6,769 (20 new cases), followed by Tijuana with 3,865 (52), Ensenada with 1,226 (37), Tecate with 316 (8), San Quintín with 298 (6), San Felipe with 211 and Rosarito with 166.

As can be seen, this Monday, July 27, Tijuana was the municipality that registered the most new cases of coronavirus, having 52, continuing Ensenada and later Mexicali, these three municipalities being the top 3 of the most affected areas, in addition to being where are the majority of the active cases, which add up to today 613.


Given this, the Secretary of Health calls on the residents of Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali to decrease their mobility, arguing that this is not the time to do non-essential activities.

Thus, the health expert mentioned that he has gone to visit some overswires and noted that some visitors do not wear face masks, so he emphasized that in order to end this pandemic, it is necessary to be “jointly responsible, but rather bring masks myself as a seller of the overswires. I can’t sell you ”suggested the Secretary of Health to the merchants of these places.

In addition, Pérez Rico reported that there are already 2 thousand 538 Baja Californians died from this virus , located as follows in the state: Mexicali thousand 197 (4), Tijuana thousand 070 (6), Ensenada 173, Tecate 73, Rosarito 14, San Quintín 10 and San Felipe 1.

Despite this context, the good news is that there are already 6,875 patients recovered by Covid-19, of whom only 4,115 are from Mexicali.

Source: sandiegored.com

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