Mazatlan event salon owners asked to reopen


After four months closed, party hall owners requested the reopening of these establishments since they have been trained to take care of all sanitary protocols.

When making a peaceful sit-in outside the Municipal Palace, the secretary-general of the Mazatlán Events Association, Alberto Aguilera, said that in this city, there is a minimum of 1,500 families who depend on this activity, so they were asking for an opportunity to speak with the municipal authority and give them a reopening date, in addition to letting them know that they are already prepared as a company with their health protocols.

“We are asking the authorities that now if they pay attention to us and give us a favorable response, obviously complying with all the protocols that they are demanding in order to carry out our work, just as people are asking for health protocols, most of the people We are also ready to develop a good job with the existing health norm and above all to generate the economy that we have stagnant and that today is being a remnant in our lives. ”

He specified that the prevention protocols that they already have in place are those that are required in all companies, both the government and Civil Protection.

He added that they are prepared to follow the same protocols that commercial houses carry to carry out their work safely for people.
Since there is no date yet for its reopening, Alberto Aguilar indicated that they have the same protocols that a commercial plaza has, and exemplified that the capacity of people in a plaza is much greater than in a party room.

“I think that it is necessary to analyze this situation well, how viable it is, because in the end there are events of 200 to 250 people … the tables used to be 10 to 12 people, one round or square, now they would be 6 or 7 people with a distance required to avoid the greatest possible contact ”.

He added that all have been trained through the Social Security page, fulfilling all the requirements. This Association includes party rooms, musicians, waiters, food preparation, dessert tables, decoration businesses and coordinators of events and recreational activities.
A commission was received by the City Council Secretary José de Jesús Flores Segura.


The Mazatlan Post