Hours after her pets are poisoned, a woman is attacked and bound by burglars in Yucatan beach house


An American living in the Chelem-Churburna area was assaulted, tied up and robbed in her home hours after someone fatally poisoned her dog on the beach, friends announced on social media. Her cat was found dead, apparently also poisoned, the next morning.

The woman, a long-time expat and active volunteer in Yucatan, said Saturday on Facebook that her small dog was poisoned on the beach.

A friend posted photos of footprints believed to be connected to the home invasion and possibly to the poisonings. Federal officials were summoned to the scene, and local police are already investigating.

Progreso, Yucatan (File Photo)

“Contacts have been made to the governor and (at) the American Embassy a report will also be filed,” the friend reported on Facebook.

A reward of 20,000 pesos was offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the poisonings.

The dog had been let out to the beach Saturday morning while the owner watched from the porch.

“She was only outside for 20 minutes and only out of my line of vision for about 10. She made it back to me and died in my arms. Whatever it was, killed her very, very quickly. There wasn’t even time to get help. I know the direction she came from and will be out searching for what she ate and where it was left. I am heartbroken.”

Chelem is part of the Progreso municipality in Yucatan, Mexico

Later, but before that night’s home invasion, the woman reflected on the misery someone intentionally caused.

“I will heal, my tears will dry and I will have her memory to hold in my heart,” the woman wrote on her Facebook page. “My sweet girl is at rest and suffering no more. My faith tells me I will see her again. I hope you cease this crime and no one else is made to suffer as I am.”

This is the second poisoning in this immediate area within the last two weeks, the victim said.

That night, two men wearing face masks and gloves forced their way into the woman’s home, tackled and dragged her to her bedroom. There, they tied her up while they ransacked the house, a friend said. No weapons were observed during the home invasion.

Source: YEL

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