Street vendors explode in Mazatlan


Canaco estimates an increase of 20% of street vendors for products of all kinds on the streets of the city

Crece descontroladamente el ambulantaje en Mazatlán: CONCANACO ...

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19 health contingency, the streets of Mazatlan have been filled with street vendors with products of all kinds.

The vice president of tourism at the Chamber of Commerce in Mazatlán, Óscar Tirado, said that the street vendors have grown around 20% in the last three months throughout the city.

He commented that due to the lack of income of many families due to the low economic activity in the municipality due to the pandemic, and under the complacency of the authorities, the installation of street vendors began to break loose.

Given the need for many families to enter due to the low economic activity, and under the complacency of the authorities, street vendors began to place themselves in different parts of the city, selling any type of product, without taking into account so many recommendations and observations that are being made about the situation we are going through.

Oscar Tirado

Even many vendors are already installed, so the tenants who have followed the government’s guidelines are very upset and have made the call to the authorities, which some have been attended to.

It is a very strong blow, street sales have always been a way to undermine organized trade, now in this situation more, and there is the anger on the part of colleagues who have endured the payment of taxes, payrolls, rents, and who Suddenly someone gets up without paying taxes, it is a crime for your business and something that the authorities must attend to. 

Oscar Tirado

Tirado Bernal pointed out that in the face of this worldwide health emergency, the authorities of the three levels of government require a series of protocols and certifications from the commerce, while in the different street stalls they sell their products cheaper and without any surveillance. .

The people who are selling are local people, due to the lack of employment has made them go out to sell on the streets to try to earn some money, which is valid, but then another one arrives and after a while another one, and you already have a market in the streets, selling from corn, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, eggs, seafood, among others.

Oscar Tirado


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