Interjet Airlines restarts flights to and from Mazatlan


JUNE 16, 2020

Connectivity with Mexico City increases, and a daily flight continues from Tijuana, Monterrey, Los Cabos, Phoenix and Los Angeles 

Mazatlan, Sin.- After nearly three months to suspend its operations to Mazatlan for the health risk of the Covid-19, on Tuesday the airline Interjet restart operations with two frequencies a week.

The flight, with a capacity of 180 passengers on the Mexico City-Mazatlán route, which had a daily frequency before the pandemic, will arrive at this destination on Tuesdays and Fridays with an arrival time of 12:20 p.m. and departure at 1 p.m.

The leader of the Mazatlán Airport Autotransporte, Román Aguayo Hernández, stated that this airline restarts operations with only 20% of its frequencies, since before the health crisis it was a daily flight.

With this reactivation, which although it is slow, gives us hope that starting in July more flights to Mazatlan will come and the demand for services will grow, and the probability of more work.

Aguayo Hernández

Román Aguayo said that Aeroméxico also increased its frequencies from Mexico City, from a reduction of three weekly flights, it already has a daily arrival, except on Tuesdays.

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He explained that Vivaerobús, from Monterrey, continues with three weekly flights and one daily flight from Volaris from Tijuana, and Aerocalafia from Los Cabos; In the case of international connectivity, American Airlines continues with a flight to Phoenix and Dallas, and Alaska Air Line, from Los Angeles, who already started flying in two weeks ago.

The most regular and busiest flights are from Mexico City and Tijuana, and the rest, including international ones, continue to arrive with low occupancy, but they trust that with the resumption of economic activities it will increase gradually.

Aguayo Hernández

The leader of Atamsa Mazatlán indicated that the situation is difficult for the sector, and with the drop in the passage since June 1, 40% of administrative workers and drivers were terminated, and they only operate with 20% of the 81 units that make up the fleet.

The low demand for passage at the airport as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and lack of support programs, made the payroll of workers for Atamsa unsustainable, so that as of May 1, 50% of the drivers of the organization and collaborators, remained unemployed.

Aguayo Hernández


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