Eastern Airlines returns and now with a direct flight to Los Cabos-New York


The airline chose the destination as its first connection to a city in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas (CSL), Baja California Sur.- The emblematic US-based company Eastern Airlines returns to the heavens after 29 years of landing its last flight. In January of this year, she announced her return to the air and chose Los Cabos as their first connection in Mexico.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA) announced that the closure of the destination for 3 months did not affect the decision of Eastern Airlines to choose Los Cabos to be the first destination in all of Mexico to visit. It will be with a direct flight from New York when the airline arrives for the first time to Los Cabos, this next July 4, during the celebration of the United States’ Independence Day (USA). The frequency is not yet defined. 

FITURCA explained that the route of this airline is a market that Los Cabos had been searching for, which speaks to the confidence of investors in the destination. The month of July is expected to be good, within the new normality and the post-COVID era, not only due to the arrival of the flight but also according to statistical data from FITURCA and the Los Cabos Hotel Association for that month. 29 percent of sales to the destination have already been recovered, against the same month last year, and by August 36 percent of reserves were restored.

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This shows that, without having announced the reopening of the destination, confidence in it prevailed for business partners and investors. It is worth mentioning that, if there are no changes, the border between Mexico and the United States (US) will be reopened on Monday, June 22, which undoubtedly meant an increase in arrivals on US flights.


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Source: cabomil.com.mx, goeasternair.com

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