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¿Amas Oaxaca?

If you do love Oaxaca, then you already know it’s the people that make it special. Friendly, genuine, inclusive, generous: this is a place you feel at home immediately.

Oaxaca’s people share their cultural, artistic, culinary, and political diversity. As a result, Oaxaca’s economy relies on tourism. 

Having all but lost their entire tourism industry due to the COVID pandemic, the city is really struggling. It’s affecting everyone, from the lady who sells tamales at the market to the people who own small, independent hotels.

The organizations listed here are working to help fill basic needs for the very poorest people. Some have been working in the community for decades; others have been created to meet the current situation. This city is such an incredible place.

Together we’re stronger

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About Us

We’re a group of women who care about Oaxaca and the people who live here. We’re motivated to help by seeing the terrible effects of COVID-19 on the tourism industry. This is the driving economy here – and without it the people of this beautiful place are suffering. There are many organizations doing good things here in Oaxaca, and we want to support them and give them as much exposure as possible.

Oaxaca organizations in need

Gobierno Federal quita a Oaxaca más de 40 mdp en turismo

Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots

The people who live on the streets of Oaxaca are incredibly disadvantaged. Barely earning enough during normal times, this population has been hit hard by the effects of COVID on the city’s tourism industry. Oaxaca Street Children is a well-established charity seeking to alleviate the crisis.READ MORE »


Huacal is a food basket delivery service created by Sirilo and Oaxacking that sources food from Abastos Market, packs it into weekly portions, and distributes it now to those in need.READ MORE »


Sikanda is an established charity working with the people who live around Oaxaca’s largest garbage dump. They offer basic assistance to over 130 families in the most dire situations imaginable.READ MORE »


Tlayudona is a socially-minded tour company offering ethical experiences in and around Oaxaca. They are offering support to local families, and funding efforts to make and distribute face masks to the vulnerable remote populations of Oaxaca.READ MORE »

Friendly Food Donations

Friendly Food Donations was developed in response to the effects of the COVID virus on the people of Oaxaca, Mexico. 100% of donations go directly to the purchase of food from local farmers and producers. This food will be distributed to an ever-growing list of people in desperate need.READ MORE »

Mano Vuelta

Mano Vuelta works towards the goal of an equitable, rights-based society in everything they do. They conduct research, engage in community initiatives and training.READ MORE »


This organization founded a nonprofit hospital to reach a particularly vulnerable community in Oaxaca City. They focus on the areas of basic need: education, health care, social services, nutrition, and food security.READ MORE »

Canadian Friends of Oaxaca

A registered Canadian Charity started and maintained by a group of Canadians, CANFRO is dedicated to improving the lives of local Oaxaca residents.
CANFRO does this through projects that promote health, relieve poverty, and advance education.READ MORE »

Puente Mexico

Puente is a long-established community organization based in Oaxaca, Mexico. They regularly work with local communities and farmers, so they have the network and people in place to assist in maintaining food production during the COVID-19 crisis.READ MORE »

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