Mazatlan businesses reopen they can no longer survive a shutdown


Despite the high number of Covid-19 infections in Mazatlán, downtown merchants raise the curtains of their non-essential businesses, because they can no longer endure their economic situation, said Dinora Corona Flores

Reabren negocios en el Centro de Mazatlán - El Sol De Mazatlán

The president of the Mazatlán Merchants Association for the Good of the Center, commented that since June 1 they began to open some businesses and have been adding more, since they are paying the employees, they opened the premises and immediately received personnel from Civil Protection requesting the closure again, in addition to giving the sanitary indications that must be had.

I borrowed to pay my employees a fortnight, I gave them vacations and as this dragged on, I could no longer continue paying and they are waiting for this to be reactivated and sales to normalize 


Corona Flores insisted that many who are no longer going to be able to reopen their businesses, there are even several that are on the verge of collapse, are going to leave premises because they only pay between 10 and 25 thousand pesos a month for rents and the landlords are demanding the full payment.

For his part, Sergio in charge of an importer, commented that it opened this Monday, but sales have been weak, and they still have not been told whether it is legal for them to open or not.

We lasted for a month and a half and we cannot survive we’ve exhausted our savings, we have to continue paying rent, electricity


Downtown non-essential businesses are open four to six hours a day, with minimal staff.

Dinora Corona, from Boutique Forever, added that they are opening with fear because they still do not have a permit, but that they are no longer financially enduring and have to pay the fixed expenses of the businesses.

She acknowledged that they do not have permission from the authorities to work, but that they can no longer remain closed.


They give you credits that do not help you at all because they are charging you interest

Hilda (Sofia Bonita)

In the Center, they have been stricter, because in Juárez they never closed and it is supposed to be the place with the most infections. Unfortunately, the municipality has a lot to do there because if it closes it is for everyone

Sergio (manager of an importer)

We are working only one person per store, since we cannot be many, because of this coronavirus, in addition to the fact that it is difficult to pay, we have to wait for this to be over

Noelia (Zazu, clothing store)

In this emergency, we looked for sales options, such as the internet, and it did help us a little, although it is cheaper, because you cannot handle the same prices as at the counter.

Dinora Corona (Boutique Forever)


200 businesses from different fields are members of the Mazatlán Merchants Association for the Good of the Center.

60 have already closed permanently.


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