Mazatlan medical office shut down for offering unauthorized COVID-19 testing


The establishment offered rapid tests for the detection of Covid-19

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Wednesday afternoon, inspectors from the Subdirectorate of Commerce, of the Municipal Mayor’s Officesuspended a medical office that did not show the corresponding operating license and also offers the public rapid tests for the detection of Covid-19 without having the authorization for it.

The inspectors arrived shortly after 2:00 p.m. to the establishment located inside a medical center, on La Marina Avenue, and where the staff who attended the visit, stated that the operating license or Cofepris is pending.

However, according to the publicity of the premises and that was confirmed in the inspection visit, in this site it is offered to perform home blood tests for the detection of the coronavirus, which was considered a risk to the health of the patients since they also did not show the documentation that supports the contrary.

The municipal authority calls on citizens to take care of their health and only go to duly certified hospital centers in case they have suspicions of carrying the Covid-19.


The Mazatlan Post