The San Miguel de Allende Festival de Los Locos is Canceled


The decision to cancel the Festival de Los Locos in San Miguel de Allende Parade was due to the health emergency of the Covid-19 coronavirus

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The traditional Los Locos parade that takes place in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende was canceled, due to the health emergency by coroners Covid.

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Said historic decision was taken jointly by the ecclesiastical, municipal authorities, and the representatives of the crazy cadres after the increase in cases by Covid-19 in San Miguel de Allende. 

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The cancellation of the external festivity by the Parish of San Antonio de Padua was also announced, such as musical events, fair, pyro-musical, among others; only ecclesiastical ceremonies such as the fortnightly and closed-door celebrations will be held.

The traditional entrance of the Pascualitos and payment of mandates of June 13 were suspended. 

What will happen to the traditional raffle of San Miguel Allende 

While the traditional raffle will be held on June 28 behind closed doors, and the winners will be announced through social networks and the media.

All the information regarding the festivity of San Antonio de Padua will be issued by the parish itself in conjunction with the representatives of the crazy cadres and the direction of Culture and Traditions.

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See you next year


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