Starting this Friday, June 5, section II of the Malecon will open a corridor so that people can already walk through it, with the aim that they will consume the businesses that are installed on the strip. This was revealed to Vallarta Opinion by the president of the Malecon Association, Fernando Pineda Trillo.

“We just determined in a meeting with the City Council that opens from tomorrow and on Malecon II, a strip of access to shops and restaurants comparable to the sidewalk on Malecon I, he pointed out.

The businessman added that these are “excellent news for everyone”, since the businesses in this tourist strip have been closed for more than two months, paying payroll and other expenses such as electricity and water, income and maintenance, since they closed their doors, 15 days before it was an official rule, on the recommendation of the Government of Jalisco.

However, he added, this is not a rapertura of the walk, only a sidewalk or corridor to enter businesses from the Hotel Rosita to the bridge of the Cuale River. He revealed that for the next week, a similar corridor will also be opened on the Malecon I, but not the walk until the state government so provides.

“It is a partial reopening of the Malecon, the sidewalks, not the Malecon as such, and so Malecon II is enabled as a corridor, but not as shops,” he clarified.

It was in a letter addressed to the head of Muncipal Tourism, Ramón Gonzáles Lomelí, delivered through the governor Guadalupe Guerrero, that the business owners in this strip asked for the reopening of the Malecon so that local people can go to consume. To which the City Council responded affirmatively.

However, later the councilor Guadalupe Guerrero reported that the City Council will first carry out thorough disinfection of the area, to maintain hygienic conditions, so that the adjustments so that the general public can use the corridor to be enabled will be available on Monday.

Source: vallartaopinaenlinea.com

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