Oaxaca entrepreneurs from La Miscelánea create an antibacterial gel made from Mezcal tips


The creators of the “La Miscelánea” project made an antibacterial gel based on mezcal tips, with the support of producers, to donate it in part to people who continue to work as tamaleras, vendors of atole, tortilleras, among others.

The co-founders, Víctor Castañeda and Rebecca Rinke, affirmed that they made this product since the beginning of the contingency the gel was scarce, it went up in price, and those who have lower incomes could not acquire it.

They explained that the mezcal tips were donated by mezcal teachers; They made the mixture with glycerin, a stabilizer and a gelatizer, and the guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO) are applied to guarantee its effectiveness.

Apart from donating the product, another part is sold to acquire basic items that are integrated into a food basket and is delivered to people with limited resources or who lost their jobs due to the contingency.

They stated that in this time of pandemic it is also important to help those who need it, that is why several producers have joined to maintain the project.

“We developed the gel so that those who are economically affected can protect themselves and thus also protect their clients; the antibacterial gel is made at 70 degrees of alcohol, taking care of the procedures so that it is efficient, ”explained Víctor Castañeda.

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Space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of local and artisan products, in support of small producers, social groups, artists, families.

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If you know someone who needs support or if you need it for yourself and/or your family, send us WhatsApp at 951 649 6625 or you can stop by at La Miscelánea (Avenida Mexico 68, Casa 24, Infonavit Primero de Mayo) . From 10 am to 4 pm

Together we can pass this difficult stage.

In collaboration with La Piztola we have developed the Covid Care C (k) it, with a piece that they developed for our project, which was to be inaugurated this season. A CCC is integrated Illegal mezcal to celebrate and support those who need it most. Covid Care C (k) it contains:
* A 250ml mescal tip antibacterial gel.
* A special edition La Piztola / Miscellaneous bag
* A succulent edition fabric face mask from Taller Lapiztola .
* A bottle of Illegal joven of 375ml.

The complete kit is at $ 550 or you can choose the items separately with the following prices:
* face mask: $ 100
* Antibacterial gel: $ 45
* Bag: $ 250
* The bottle of Ilegal is only included in the package.
The Covid Care C (k) it is only available at La Miscelanea.

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Source: tiempodigital.mx, adnsureste.info

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