Mazatlan hotel workers complain of mass layoffs without compensation


Mazatlan Sinaloa; May 28, 2020.-

Even with the hotel reopening date approaching it seems that in many hotels it will be with the most essential employees only.

According to the information sent to Reporteros Asociados, this week the mass layoffs began.

The Agua Marina hotel has already been informed that it will not reopen and terminate the workers. 

But in the Golden Zone other hotel establishments began calling employees.

Some thought it was to warn them of the return, although others were asked to wear uniforms and credentials.

The El Cid hotel would be one of those that have pointed out that when the workers arrived they went directly to Human Resources, where they were not offered liquidation, but only their last payment and that they will possibly be re-hired when the situation improves.

But before all, they were asked to sign a letter of voluntary resignation from the job, with which none of them agreed.

What they believe is that there are only around 150 people who will stop working, although many have the hope of returning, although they must accept the above conditions.

No official version has been released at the hotel.


The Mazatlan Post